We’re honoured to announce the release of “Sawa Sawa” (meaning “All Together” in Sudanese Arabic) on Friday 1st September. An extraordinary concept album that represents a historic collaboration and fusion of Sudanese and pan-African sounds alongside visual art and storytelling. This ambitious project brings together a diverse collective of writers, artists, composers, musicians, and singers, creating a harmonious tapestry that transcends boundaries and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Sudan. 8 tracks, 8 artworks and 8 short stories, one message.

Amidst the challenges and conflicts currently affecting Sudan and its people, “Sawa Sawa” emerges as a beacon of hope and unity. The album’s title track, also named “Sawa Sawa,” resounds with a resolute message of peace, rejecting war, separation, and revenge, while embracing harmony and togetherness. The lyrics urge listeners to unite as neighbours, shed violence, and embrace the shared humanity that binds us all.

Conceived by renowned percussionists Salma Omar and Ahmed Homaida, notable for their work with Drum Circle Sudan, “Sawa Sawa” showcases the remarkable diversity of Sudan’s musical landscape, incorporating influences from Amazigh Tuareg to West African drumming, Ethiopian modes, Sudanese reggae, and jazz. The result is a mesmerising sonic journey that embraces the continent’s vibrant rhythms and melodies.

We believe in the power of music to transcend boundaries and heal divisions,” says Salma Omar. “Through ‘Sawa Sawa,’ we aim to convey a message of unity, urging our fellow Sudanese and the world to come together and embrace peace. This album is a celebration of our shared heritage and a call for harmony.