Foreword by Poetivist

Wreathe in multilingual tongues
– beyond the outskirts of many
who identify as one.

Sawa Sawa is a concept album
composed by the outpouring of
Afro-Arab souls and translates as
“All Together” in Sudanese. The
music, artwork and stories evolve
from art full of skies, across a
landscape filled with the
beginning of a new dream, the
confession of new prayers, and
the seed to claim hope.
It takes us into the birthwaters of
Ubuntu, and all those loves that
flew away when we left each
other in each other – at
unexpected moments.

The Northern odd metre
rhythms and upbeat afro
melodies pouring through the
lyrics tell of the great themes of
life, African history and finding
the creators. A return to unborn
joys of memories, time and

There is night in this art. Not for
us to be parted away in our
dreams. Sawa Sawa is how we
return for us in the morning.

This ambitious project brings together a diverse collective of writers, artists, composers, musicians, and singers, creating a harmonious tapestry that transcends boundaries and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Sudan.

8 Tracks

8 Artworks

8 Stories

1 Message

Amidst the challenges and conflicts currently affecting Sudan and its people, “Sawa Sawa” emerges as a beacon of hope and unity. The album’s title track, also named “Sawa Sawa,” resounds with a resolute message of peace, rejecting war, separation, and revenge, while embracing harmony and togetherness. The lyrics urge listeners to unite as neighbours, shed violence, and embrace the shared humanity that binds us all.

Conceived by renowned percussionists Salma Omar and Ahmed Homaida, notable for their work with Drum Circle Sudan, “Sawa Sawa” showcases the remarkable diversity of Sudan’s musical landscape, incorporating influences from Amazigh Tuareg to West African drumming, Ethiopian modes, Sudanese reggae, and jazz. The result is a mesmerising sonic journey that embraces the continent’s vibrant rhythms and melodies.

“We believe in the power of music to transcend boundaries and heal divisions. Through ‘Sawa Sawa,’ we aim to convey a message of unity, urging our fellow Sudanese and the world to come together and embrace peace. This album is a celebration of our shared heritage and a call for harmony.”

Salma Omar
THE MUSIC الموسيقى
Jinn Records · Sawa Sawa


Artistic Directors Ahmed Homaida, Salma Omar

Recording Engineers Ahmed Homaida, Salma F. Omar, Mohamed Mustafa, Mohamed Bilal

Producers Salma Omar, Ahmed Homaida

Executive Producer, Mix & Master Abraham Moughrabi

Additional Mix Engineer Mohamed Mustafa

Main Composer/Lyricist Tarig Gaidou

Lyricists Ahmed Homaida, Sarra Solo, Sara Yousif, Chebeen

Vocals Emlyn Marimutu, Hazim Alshafei, Sarra Solo, Sara Yousif, Chebeen, Fatima El Misbah, Amer Ibrahim, Jackie Saleh

Percussion Salma Omar, Ahmed Homaida, Ehab Magdy

Bass Khatir Mustafa

Guitars Tarig Gaidou, Nasir Zack, Linos Wengara Magaya

Keyboards Mohamed Bilal, Hazim Alshafei, Abraham Moughrabi

Mbira Linos Wengara Magaya and Tim Lloyd

Kalimba Emlyn Marimutu

Trumpet Waheeba Kuku

Saxophone Salaheldin Sax

THE ART الفن
  1. Dawzanah (Tuning) by Mosab Zakaria
  2. Sadaa (Echoes) by Mosab Zakaria
  3. Azrag 1 (Blue) by Maab Taj
  4. Azrag 2 (Blue) by Maab Taj
  5. Shai Al Dughush (Early Morning Tea) by Amr Badr
  6. Tarabut 2 (Entwined) by Reem Aljeally
  7. Kashkosh (Shakers) by Amr Badr
  8. Tarabut 1 (Entwined) by Reem Eljeally

دوزنة – مصعب زكريا

صدى – مصعب زكريا

أزرق 1 –  مأآب تاج

أزرق 2 – مأآب تاج

شاي الدغش – عمر بدر

ترابط 2  – ريم الجعيلي

كشكوش – عمر بدر

ترابط 1  – ريم الجعيلي

  1. Do Not Despise People by Tarig Gaidou
  2. Three Rhythms For Baby Adam’s Return by Alhadi Alradi
  3. Sit Al Nafar’s Daluka by Hana Habeeb
  4. Awhaj and the Mermaid by Tarig Gaidou
  5. The Cursed Tree by Tarig Gaidou
  6. Stars by Mandela ‘Ade’ Matur
  7. Midnight Prayers by Mandela ‘Ade’ Matur
  8. The Reserve by Hana Habeeb

لا تحتقر الناس – بقلم طارق قيدو

ثلاثة إيقاعات لعودة الطفل آدم – بقلم الهادي الراضي

دلوكة، ست النفر –  بقلم هناء حبيب

أوهاج وحورية البحر – بقلم طارق قيدو

الشجرة الملعونة – بقلم طارق قيدو

نجوم – بقلم مانديلا “آدي” ماتور

صلاة منتصف الليل – بقلم مانديلا “آدي” ماتور

المحمية – بقلم هناء حبيب